May 31, 2012

Ashes from the sky

Ashes From The Sky

Sunlight overshadowed

Ashes from the sky,
Are the Gods falling apart?
Or the earth is 
Nearing its End

Ashes from the sky
Are the Gods…
All High…
I don’t know,
Cause everyone is 
Rolling one too…

Ashes from the sky, 
Have the Gods lost 
someone close?
But who cares 
About my dying brother…

Who was crossing the street, 
crushed into infinitude 
Right in front of my eye

Ashes from the sky
Are the Gods Feasting? 
The defeat of the devil…

ashes all over my body

It is the generation of the 
Pop, rock and heavy metalling, 
Pill popping, extra jiving,
Crazy dieting,
Western culture naives
People who never saw life
Are living on the ashes of the other
All the while.

Nupz™ Vagrant in a Big City... 

May 30, 2012

Feeling Blue

photograph by Nupur

My  blog , seems to be pretty selfish in nature, but aren't all humans of the similar nature, except of course a few enlightened humans. Who have or maybe  try hard to conquer the idea of "SELF".

Seems impossible to be. So when people tell me that they are more concerned about me, my well being. I don't believe them. Anyways I was here to tell you a few things about my new life in Cambodia.
I kind of  realized that I will be living in this country for a longer period of time that I had thought. I would have preferred living in a colder place in a warmer home. It seemed to be quite the opposite. Me and my husband take turns to jump in bath after every couple of hours to cool ourselves. There is noway you can put a stole around your neck, never invest in light cute jackets.

Wear shorts, shorts, shorts and shorts. Cotton is the magic fabric that will keep you feeling comfortable.
The place is never cool, not even in December. Its hot throughout.
Its a good  for a month long vacation if you live in the hills and think you will get a warm break. But for a person who lives here, sometimes quivers for a cold night, warm quilts, hot chocolate in the bed.

Cambodia, is poor, but people in general, never look sad, or frustrated. I have come across a lot of local people working in a run-down market area. As James says, "poverty has a whole new meaning in those few market areas". The place where you will find such a market is called Poipet.Its on the border of Thailand and Cambodia.
 You need to see it to believe it. The monthly income of a regular Cambodian is between $30-40.
But then there is another side to it. The people are still not as annoyed and frustrated as they should be or as I believe they should be , with their conditions. No sanitation, no proper place to live, no schools for children. no medical facility. There seems to be a see of possible problems and despair.
But then I remember being in Brighton in  England, in a nice big house, with people well dressed, warm and healthy. And for as long I was there at their place ( I was there for lunch and tea) they all seemed unhappy, not satisfied, and wanted more money at work, more free services from the government.  ( not to forget that they have free medical services, free education for children, help for people who are unemployed)

I can come to a conclusion that money is not the basis for happiness. But again I might have to contradict my own intellect here. Lets face it, Cambodia is not an expensive place at all. for less than a dollar you can buy yourself hearty amount of rice and meat for a meal. London on the other hand is one of the world's most expensive cities. Even a small bottle cost around 1pound and 30 p's.

Its not what the eyes sees, its what the mind watches. Rich, poor, are just terms created by the mind. Satisfied and discontent are the sure sign we should be looking out for.
Are we happy and satisfied with what we have. Do we feel content with our life style. Making it better is not a bad idea. But continued conversation about how unhappy, or unsatisfied one is , will never do any good to anyone.

Nupz™ Vagrant in a Big City...

Sep 29, 2010

Ram Rahim bhai bhai ...

Its so interesting that we are all so well read and informed that we all are opinionated. But somewhere what we have truly not learned (and I am including myself) is to forgive and forget. Its hard, I know! but how many of you who have commented about this issue, been to Ayodhya, lets not even talk about Ram temple or Babri Masjid.

We remember our history well and our politics too, but haven't we forgotten the biggest religious teaching
"to Forgive".

Lets assume that the temple is not there anymore due to Tsunami, how much money will all you Hindus be willing to donate to rebuilt it, you need not answer me! that is a question you need to answer your soul, and the same Question goes to all the Muslims too, are you willing to give off all your savings and life's earning to rebuilt the Masjid?

Just yesterday a friend of mine who is an atheist, smiled at me and said, since I don't believe in God, I guess I am still his favorite cause Atlas I don't fight over such nonsensical reasons. I guess I learnt a big thing from him, be it anything, at least we should make sure that we do not hurt God at the end.

Cause I don't really want the politicians to win on someones emotional feelings. I want the temple as well as the Masjid to stand tall as a mark our secularism, and strong bond of being brothers and sisters.

Jai Hind !!

Nupz™ Vagrant in a Big City...

Aug 14, 2010

Freedom, Independence, and The country called India

Good Morning India,

Here we are again, to wake up and think about ourselves, forgetting all about the power, diversity in terms of languages, cultures, looks, geographical variations from place to place in a single country called INDIA....
All we can think today is "I"
We never think "WE"
Its so difficult, but wouldn't it be great if we start respecting our diversity as our biggest strength as an asset. How many countries can you name, without a second thought which has citizens with various religions, looks, languages,dialects, different styles of music, dance forms, art forms, theater, cultures, a million festivals, millions of people
I am waiting................

The name is INDIA.

 Why do we underestimate ourselves? why copy the West! when the westerners are finding comfort and peace in our age old Ayurveda, scientific studies, methods of meditations, religious books and chanting prayers, style of balanced eating habits.
 They are absorbing more from our culture than us and we are not able to accept it with grace and accept ourselves as us.
 Why not respect the age old Yog, better known as "Yoga" ( not to mentions the people from the West pronounce it that way", but why do we do it?

"I love my country", sounds very clichéd ! doesn't it?

Why wouldn't it, we say it on Independence Day , Republic Day, but somehow probably we are not able to connect with it emotionally. That's because all the stories and the pain that the Freedom fighters went through are nothing more than fables for us.
Their sacrifices mean nothing, because we were born in a free country. We did not pay the price like our forefathers did. But can't we at least be good enough to keep our motherland beautiful, neat and peaceful. Why fight with our brother, when we can share and live in Peace.

I am no one to judge anybody... but here I am writing, knowing that somehow I connect. I think twice before I dirty my roads, or criticise people of a particular community.
I am no angle, I am just an INDIAN....

Nupz™ Vagrant in a Big City...

Mar 26, 2010

I have a child

I have a child, a playful naughty little one. Did you know?
 I love adore and look at the world from her point of view.

Everything thats she looks at with an awe, things that look so usual to me, seems different to her.
Her excitement for colorful things, her eagerness to feel textures and different shapes.

Her eyes expresss love and pain at the same time. Her touch will tell u her feelings for u.
Her naughty smile, her grin will express a thought running through her head.
I have a child, and I know I am the mother of our unborn child.

Nupz™ Vagrant in a Big City...

Oct 27, 2009

Man shall not live by bread alone

There are times in our life when the basic needs don’t seem so necessary. Our soul speaks a thousand languages, a language of spirituality and religion. We need to nurture our spirit the way we take care of our body.
Spirituality is understood as the search for the development of inner peace or the foundations of happiness, then spiritual practice of some kind is essential for personal well being.
We all know that one of the toughest problems that we must face as a nation is materialism. It is difficult to live as true disciples of God in a materialistic society. Every day we are bombarded with materialism. Our market driven society urges us to possess more and more things. Given this all- pervasive temptation we must always remember that “man does not live on bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”.
It is mans fate to fight with materialism and temptation. All through our lives we have a internal struggle going on within ourselves a war between our spirituality and our needs and wants. Most of the times our materialistic needs win over our spiritual hunger.
Peer pressure, the position in society, even our education can be blamed for it. But it all boils down to one thing, the need of our Spirit. The need which can be greater and fiercer than hunger for food, money and position in society.
Thus……“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”.

Nupz™ Vagrant in a Big City...

Sep 21, 2007

Till Death do us part

I was standing under the shower, facing the wall... water peircing my soft skin...
He sat in a corner in the Water Closet weeping and cribbing, asking me questions, he would'nt stop, he just would'nt... Hot tear drops flowing from my eyes made me realise... that he was stuck in time, and I was stuck along with him too...
I could'nt escape and I needed to be with him... He sat in a corner, bleeding from his chest ... the blood slowly mixing in the water touched my feet .. it seemed cold like icy water. His voice, his tears would'nt let me think straight.
I wish I was dead.... But I had to face the truth. Why just why could'nt he take the truth, that he could'nt do anything... Just what could I do, my skin had wrinkling because of the cold water which had been sprinkling on me for more than an hour now. I felt my tears turning thicker and turn to blood. But it was him !!!... not me... he had unfinished work... why? why do I have to listen to suraj... was it because I could feel him deep in every cell! even in my blood?... I still remember his voice.... his smile, his pierced eyebrow, his glasses... his thin frame... Everything faded in a second... the day, he had the ill fated accident... He was hit on his chest and it was blood and blood all over.
I remember, a day before his accident he told me he wanted to speak to me, but perhaps it was not the right time...
I am sure it was not... I speak to him everyday now... and I know exactly, what he wanted to tell me... and so do you....
Vagrant in a Big City...

Aug 15, 2007

Forever feel me ...

I am the fragrant smoke from the incense sticks of prayer,
I am the cold damp wind passing through your hair...
A dream... u can't touch...
but u can feel in your heart...
An emotion that brings out tears of blood...
A fear everytime u come close to it...
A nostalgia that beats heaven...
Yes I am the smoke that crossed u a moment ago..
I am no longer with u... I am yours... Forever Feel me.................................
Nupz™ Vagrant in a Big City...

Jul 30, 2007

Follow the Smoke...

Strange as it may sound... But yeah, life is a lot like smoke...

Just today, while I was driving down to work. I took a couple of drags from a ciggi. Suddenly, things started coming back to me. "The days"...Ever thought about, the songs we were crazy about, we never listen to them anymore. Our school friends, we thought we cannot live without, we don't think about them anymore.

The toys we played with... the precious paper cuttings we saved in old rusted boxes...the letters, prized greeting cards... Did we just grow out of them??? Nah, I would say we grew with them...
No wonder life is like smoke, which cannot be chased, just felt for a moment, but remains with us Forever...

Vagrant in a Big City...

Jul 24, 2007

Management... and all those stuff

Sir, boss, chief, we have a million ways to call our boss....
But who knows "What Management Wants".
Lately, I have been thinking about it too, and over a couple of cuppa and ciggis, with my boss the picture slowly started becoming clearer.
And Wallah... I was enlightened... I know at this point of time, if you are reading this, you must be waiting for me to answer this trick question. And I shall impart you with the knowledge. They really don't expect much. The Mantra to this is simple. Manage yourself and your work. Be critical and honest to the work assigned. Be on time, a minute late and you are giving space to people to criticize you.
Be there for yourself, feel Responsible and be Responsible.

Nupz™ Vagrant in a Big City...